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Services and Facilities

Vibrant Social Enterprise organisation for people with :

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Epilepsy Mild Challenging Behaviour
  • Autism


  • Elderly

Please note we are closed on all Bank Holidays unless otherwise stated.

Examples of activities include

  • Exercise classes
  • Healthy eating
  • Handicrafts and hobbies
  • Literacy
  • Falls preventione
  • Health promotion
  • Outings, entertainment, shopping

These are only examples and we will discuss with clients their individual requirements.

Information on Funding

Funding can be made available from any of the below options.

  • Adults and Communities (through a Social Worker)
  • NHS/GP  (through a community nurse)
  • Direct Payments/Virtual Payments
  • Independent Living Fund
  • Pay Private

For more information please contact TMS Holly House on 0121 572 4043


Day Services Centre

  • Various amenities such as speech and language therapy, chiropody, art, needlecraft, music, day trips, parties/discos, aromatherapy
  • Meeting clients of similar interests
  • Visits by medical personnel for health improvement, nutritional advice, basic keep fit advice etc
  • Supporting people with day to day tasks e.g. shopping and form filling
  • Entertainment e.g. cinemas/theatre visits, library, bingo.


  • Training clients for independent living with light domestic tasks such as washing dishes, dusting and cleaning
  • Assisting in seeking employment and sign posting where necessary
  • Access within the community e.g. life skills, such as opening a bank account, accessing the library, train/metro/bus services and other leisure activities.


  • Prompting of prescribed medication, orally or topically
  • Assistance with opening of medication packs.

Other services

  • A choice of meals provided on a daily basis, taking into account healthy options and nutritional values or allergies etc. Service users have access to snacks and drinks throughout the day
  • Use of computers for internet access or personal training.

All staff are highly trained and professional in their service delivery and additionally, thorough background screenings including Criminal Records Bureau are performed on all individuals before they are hired for employment. All senior staff have extensive experience in caring for clients with learning disabilities in a variety of settings.

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Adult Day Care Centre

Adult Day Care Centre
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